Style exploration

Style tiles
I first worked on style tile options to give the client an understanding of how we would translate their brand to the new website design.

I explored alternative typefaces we could use for their website with the lead designer. We settled on using Roboto for headings and Helvetica for body text. 

Color palette
I worked with the lead designer to give National Instrument's color palette a refresh for their online presence. We were cognizant of text colors meeting accessibility contrast requirements, such as using a darker orange for button text. 

Design exploration: Homepage

I worked with the lead designer Kristen to design different directions and styles as we worked with the client to find the right look for National Instruments. My initial concept was a modular look and feel with content in defined blocks. We went through a number of iterations before reaching the right solve. In the end the right solution blended some of the modular aspect of my design with elements from Kristen's concepts. 


The final iteration I was a part of, combining elements from my Modular look and feel with Kristen's look and feel comps. 


Hotspot interaction prototype
I created a Keynote prototype to demo how the hotspot interactions would work. 


Design Exploration: Innovations

Exploring variations in navigation highlight, tabs, and image block links.


Design exploration: Shop > Software